Well I’ve been in India for over two months and I’ve had my “real” camera out all of yhree time. Even then I made very few  images that I would call street. 

Mostly I’m using my phone (a new tool for me) and making photos of stuff that appeals at the moment or that I tjink friends and followers would enjoy. 

Probably leaving my camera aline has to do with this particular journey being about, well actually being here. A Healing journey we are calling it. In a way I have over time come to see my street photography as my work,  my vacation, so it seems I am having what you might call a vacation. 

Still, I am learning to make photos with my phone (as well as writing blog posts like this one!). 

Anyway just a few pieces of my mind to share with you all. Thank you so very much for your support, friendship and for your presence in my life. 


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